A sofa is the centre of your living room. When buying one, you need to keep in mind several things. If you go only by the looks, you might end up selecting the wrong sofa.
In this blog, we take you through 5 things that will help you pick the right sofa for you, your home, and your family.

1.     The Sofa Material: Sofas are generally understood to be leather sofas or rexine sofas. The former are considered to be super expensive. The latter are notorious for not lasting long.

In reality, sofas come in varied materials. Leather looks classy and timeless. Premium leatherette is easy to maintain. Fabric comes in a lot of varieties.

When buying a sofa, look at the material very closely. Ask questions about the solid wood frame, the cushioning, and the density of the foam used in a sofa. Premium quality materials in each category help your sofa last long and look beautiful too. Or else, you’re likely to end up using a sagging sofa pretty soon!


2.  Sofas for Health: Ergonomic Recline Functions and Anti-microbial Properties for Hygiene

Sofas are generally evaluated for looks, textures, and designs. You should go beyond these to look at your health.

A lot of sofas have recliner-like functions so that you can relax well. They also come with additional features:

·      Click clack mechanism

·      Adjustable headrest

·      Adjustable backrest

·      Adjustable armrest

·      Availability of USB for charging
The right kind of sofas also come with anti-microbial properties. Premium leatherette is the material you can maintain easily. Moreover, it is stain and fade resistant too. All these features add to the hygiene of your living room.


3. Sofas to Fit Your Requirement: Family Size, Room Space, Room Layout, Kids & Pets at home

Before choosing a sofa, you must look at several aspects of your requirement.

Depending on your family size, you’d need 1/2/3 seaters.

Depending on your room space and room layout, you’d go for the right size. An L-shaped sofa can suit your room if you have an L-shaped space.

If you have kids and pets at home, a premium leatherette sofa can suit your family best. Premium leatherette is stain and scratch resistant. As a result, your sofa can last really long.


4.     Warranty

Sofas by local retailers do not carry warranty.

Most well-known brands carry very limited warranty.

Kingsman Furnitures is a trusted brand that makes its sofas as per the best standards and certifications. That’s what empowers us to promise a 5 year warranty. It’s a promise you won’t find elsewhere.

Warranty is an important component of your purchase. It is an indication of how long your sofa can last.


5.     Customisation Option in Sofas

You do not have to go by the options of sofas provided to you. In terms of sofas, you might like a lot of sofas. But none of them might fit your décor or the mood board you have in mind for your living room.

Ask for customisation in colour. For instance, we offer over 18 colours in leather and over 11 colours in premium leatherette so that you don’t have to go by one colour. After all, your home, your colour.

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